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Congratulations to graduates!

As we begin a new semester here at the DIS, we can take a moment to congratulate our graduates on a job well done. The DIS began in 2008, and since that time, we have had five graduating classes with some very positive results. Overall, DIS graduates have enjoyed consistently high official employment rates. Even more impressive still is that 25% of Korean DIS graduates have gone on to work in a position overseas. Some have gone on to NGOs, like the International Rescue Committee. Others have gone on to work with the Korean government in agencies like KOICA. Still, others have taken positions with various companies, big and small, Korean and international. The DIS is proud to say that currently three DIS graduates are in the US on the K-Move program, which provides excellent opportunities for graduates. (Read more below…)

Work Overseas Popup Promo 2

Even prior to graduation though, DIS students get overseas work experience and opportunities. There is one current DIS student participating in the WEST (Work, English, Study, Training) program, a rather exclusive program between the governments of the US and South Korea. In addition, DIS students have done internship work in the US and Japan, in various capacities. As we begin a new semester with a new group of freshmen, we would like to congratulate the latest graduating class and all who came before, and wish them luck in all of their future endeavors. We also hope that the incoming freshmen class will take advantage of the many opportunities available to them to gain the skills necessary for a bright future.


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