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LG Electronics hires Fatma Said!

Congratulations Fatma Said on your new job with LG Electronics in Cairo! We are very pleased Fatma was able to leverage her time here in Korea at the DIS for what will hopefully be a wonderfully fruitful opportunity for growth and success. Fatma has been kind enough to let us share her success here at disdongseo.com, and she sent the following statement about her application experience for us to post:

“The former managing director of LG Electronics Egypt finished his term, so a new managing director arrived in Cairo and was looking for an assistant. I applied for the job, and went through IQ and MS office tests as well as 3 interviews, the final one with the Managing Director himself. Happily enough, I was accepted!  

The main reason, I believe, was my study in Korea at Dongseo University’s Department of International Studies (DIS). My professors there gave me the combination of excellent English and academic skills which, along with the Korean I also learned at DSU, set me apart from the other applicants.” 

Fatma Said, Dongseo University DIS, graduating class of Summer 2015

We hope all of our graduates continue to work hard to attain their goals and hope they feel the thrill of many personal and professional successes in the future. Congratulations again, Fatma!

Fatma Said Photo Mash for Blog



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