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Myers Makes History as First Full Professor of the DIS

professor-myers   Congratulations! Professor Brian (B.R.) Myers made Dongseo University history on October 1 by becoming the first, full professor of the Department of International Studies. For those unfamiliar with university faculty hierarchy, faculty members generally spend their first 2-3 years as an assistant professor, after which they are promoted to associate professor, a position they hold for 6-8 years. Finally, after meeting rigorous requirements, these associates are promoted to a full, tenured professor position. After eight years—two as an assistant and six as an associate—Professor Myers has become the first DIS faculty member to become a full professor.

Professor Myers came to the DIS in 2008 to help build the first, all-English major department in Busan. Under Myers’ six-year stewardship as department chair, the DIS built a strong foundation in its core academic function—producing graduates with the necessary analytical skills to succeed in a post-Dongseo environment. He oversaw the evolution of a curriculum heavy with lectures focused on English skills to that of a curriculum fully based on content and analysis. He helped create the identity of a department dedicated to academic rigor while mirroring the practices and principles of North American-style, education environments.

During his first eight years in the DIS, Professor Myers had one book published—The Cleanest Race (2010)—and self-published another—North Korea’s Juche Myth (2015). He also published a number of articles, attended innumerable conferences, and has publicly presented his ideas on CNN, Al Jazeera, KNN, and the BBC, as well as written for The New York Times, NK News and other media. In addition to these accomplishments, he has been an integral participant in the university community by lecturing his course load, creating DSU’s first online MOOC lecture, and participating in the daily and annual rituals of campus life.

Professor Myers has been a diligent and dedicated member of the DIS and Dongseo faculty. He has left his indelible mark on a program that owes its identity to his vision and perseverance. The Department of International Studies can think of no one more deserving of elevation to the level of full professor. Therefore, we here in the DIS congratulate Professor Brian Myers on a job well done and we look forward to his insights and participation for years to come!



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