DIS News

New Semester Begins!

20170221_103208Welcome back to a new semester in the DIS!  Ten days ago we said good-bye to the Spring 2017 graduating class, and today we said hello to the Spring 2017 matriculation class. It is a time of transition for many students. Those graduating will confront a difficult labor market. Employment opportunities may be slow to appear, but recent alumni should never lose hope. Some of your classmates have already taken jobs overseas or here at home. Mercury, in Japan, will have a DIS graduate to help fulfill staffing needs at client companies, and NC Soft here at home is already seeing the benefits of hiring DIS graduates.

As for the incoming freshmen, your orientation begins in earnest this week and will continue for two weeks, with the new DSU D-MAP program. During this program, freshmen will meet new friends, meet their professors and become acquainted with the university life that lies ahead. Challenges abound in the coming weeks and years, but success is there to be had for all students who work hard.

Welcome to a new semester in the DIS!


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