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DIS Launches New Curriculum

DIS professors desire success for their students in this ever more globally competitive environment. As such, the DIS has launched a new curriculum beginning with the 2017 matriculating class. We believe these changes in the DIS program will continue to offer students a unique environment, while fostering the skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced, ambiguous policy environments that graduates will face after Dongseo.

With the founding of the Global Studies Institute (GSI) and the introduction of the Business Administration’s English track, changes were warranted to clarify the identity and focus of the DIS. These changes were made after a careful examination of course registration data from the past five years, as well as from survey data collected from students participating in DIS classes. We here at the DIS feel these changes better reflect student preferences, while enhancing the interdisciplinary options of the GSI.

There are a number of notable changes moving forward. The first is the discontinuation of business classes in the curriculum. Students, who wish to study business, will get the best of both worlds. They will be able to take a second major in the Business Administration’s English track program, thereby ensuring an all-English curriculum for their time at Dongseo. The second is the placement of multiple research courses in the freshmen year. DIS students need a firm grounding in online research and using data—skills that are essential in life today—and they will get this in year one. The third notable change is solidifying the interdisciplinary nature of the DIS, by introducing four required disciplinary classes in the second year—Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Sociology, and Constructing Globalism. These classes will serve as prerequisites for upper-level classes that are the fourth notable change to the program. Upper-level classes embrace the themes of economic development, human security and cultural identity—this makes the DIS program not only unique at DSU but unique in the Busan area. The final notable change are new area studies classes that focus on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), China, South Asia, the US, and the EU.

The 2017 curriculum changes ensure a unique and challenging program for students who enter the DIS. They also ensure students will gain the critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills necessary to thrive in a technologically evolving economy. We in the DIS look forward to the continued success of our students and staff, during and long after the implementation of these new changes.


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