DIS News

Resume Writing Workshop complete

The DIS Resume Workshop came to a close last Monday, May 15.  The three session workshop—resume writing, cover letter writing and interviewing techniques—took place over a three week span beginning May 1. Sessions were held each Monday evening for eighty minutes, with fifteen Korean and ten foreign students registering for the program.

This was the first such workshop conducted strictly for the students of the DIS. Using the computer lab of the new GSI building, students were able to follow the advice of their instructor, while finding online s20170515_171437ources and samples to aid them in their efforts of constructing professional looking job application materials. Each student received tailored editing and advice for their finished resumes, with the hopes that the process of searching and applying for jobs will be easier with a resume ready to go.

While all sessions were informative and covered the basics of good resume construction, humor and critiquing came in session three when efforts focused on personal interview techniques. Some students seem flummoxed by the question “What is one weakness you think you have?” Other students laughed at the question “If you could choose, then what animal would you be and why?”

The workshop will be held at least once per year in the future, as it is a necessary complement to the core mission of the department—preparing students to enter the workforce. With our students competing against technology and other humans for jobs, they need preparation all the more.


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