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DIS Students Do Well in Guangzhou!

Asia Summer Program 2017 (ASP 2017) has come to an end. This summer, the ASP was held at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China. GDUFS hosted participants from thirteen countries from August 1-21, and judging from the happiness of the eighteen Dongseo University students who attended, ASP 2017 was a big success!

As seems customary now, the DIS sent three students and one professor to this year’s ASP. Professor O’Malley was the lone professor for the Dongseo group. He spent his three weeks teaching a course entitled “Tourism:  Development and the Environment.” However, the shining stars for him this year were the DIS student participants.

DIS students made a particularly good showing this year. Our senior DIS participant delivered Dongseo University’s “student remarks” at the opening ceremony of this year’s event, and the junior member of our small DIS group was chosen by his participant peers to provide the “student participant remarks” at the closing ceremony. In addition, DIS students showed their dynamic side by helping their team take the overall first prize during the ASP 2017 Sports Day.20170810_213646

The ASP is an annual program and next year will be held here at Dongseo University.


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