About Busan

Dongseo Korea testLocated in the south-east corner of South Korea, Busan (부산) is the country’s second largest city and home to the country’s largest shipping port. It is known by locals as the city of seven beaches, for the seaside areas of entertainment that line the city. The most popular seaside areas include Haeundae (해우대), South Korea’s longest beach, and Gwangali (광안리), which is home to the annual Busan fireworks festival and display. The city can boast of an international community of great diversity and the residents enjoy a quality of life that is one of the best in the country.

Foreign students coming to the DIS will encounter an inviting city with many convenient amenities. Busan has an ever-expanding public transportation infrastructure system with a subway, local buses and plenty of taxis, which makes traveling the city quite simple. Busan also has its own international airport, international ferry terminal, KTX high-speed rail service and inter-city bus terminals that allow convenient travel in and out of the country. Being South Korea, the wireless cellular infrastructure is also impressive with data and calling plans for smart phones that come in a variety of pricing plans, and the city offers telephone and in-person office assistance to foreigners in need.  


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