DIS Life

Dongseo KoreaStudent life in the DIS can be challenging at times, but we are confident that students will see potential in themselves that was unrealized. The DIS tries to help each student fulfill his or her potential in academics and in life. This is done by offering a Western-style curriculum and teaching style, where student participation can be maximized. It also means that department professors make themselves available to students to discuss the rigors of managing life with a DIS workload. The department does not sponsor events where alcohol consumption is condoned. For example, we do not participate in the traditional 예비대학 celebrations at the beginning of a new academic year. Also, the department does not actively promote the senior-junior relationships (선배-후배 관계) so prominent in some other department. However, we do encourage seniors to help their juniors better prepare for department challenges and we do encourage students to balance a healthy and happy lifestyle with the obligations of their academic work.

After graduating from the DIS, students move onto employment opportunities, graduate school and sometimes volunteer activities. Each year, approximately 25% or more graduate and begin working overseas. The DIS currently has graduates working in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hamburg, Beijing, Kobe, Da Nang and many other cities. The DIS has sent 3 students to the very competitive WEST (Work, English, Study, Training) program in the United States, and we have also had 4 students take positions through the K-Move program. In addition, graduates have gone on to be accepted for graduate studies programs at Yonsei University, Pusan National University and Pukyong University.